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The Souljam Story
Souljam was formed in 2016, Alain Van Zeveren (keys-MD) started arranging for Souljam somewhere early february. He contacted some colleagues and within 8 weeks they were rehearsing. A live showcase was planned on 24 June (see video)...

Souljam guarantees that every client who books the band will be left thrilled. The memories we can help you create will last a lifetime and your friends will be talking about this "amazing evening" for years to come.

Souljam is capable of performing anywhere within Belgium and Europe and can adapt to any venue or preference.

Furthermore Souljam also offers to provide background music to be played in all of the gaps before, between and after the band's main performance as a result making the music side of the event seamless.

The standard lineup of the band is an eight piece which consists of guitar, drums, keyboards, female vocals (X2) and male vocal, trumpet and tenor sax.